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How much information on this historic battle is actually accurate?

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Tuesday January 9, 2018
Guest Speaker: Carter J. Wood

Topic: 'Researching the Battle of New Orleans'

Carter Wood is the current Georgia SAR Society Northeast Regional VP.
  • The battle was not in 1814 as Johnny Horton wrote/sang about.
  • It was NOT the last battle of the War of 1812.
  • It was NOT a One Day battle of the War of 1812. (Actually from December 14, 1814 to January 18, 1815
  • It was NOT fought solely on land.
  • French pirate Jean Lafitte was NOT in the Battle of New Orleans. He supplied cannons and his brother Dominic was there as a 'Master of Artillery".
  • Political considerations influenced most of the surviving items like campaign posters, that are not true images of the battle.

  • Tuesday February 13, 2018 ~ 1st Annual Chapter Banquet
    Guest Speaker: Larry Guzy, Current President General of the SAR

    President Generals Message
    President General Larry Guzy brought us an inspiring message outlining the National SAR goals to continue to grow the local chapters, and the importance of educating our youth on the history of the Founding Fathers and our Constitutional Republic.

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    Tuesday March 13, 2018
    Guest Speaker: Phil Curtis, Past President - Atlanta Chapter SAR

    Topic: Metal of Honor: from Antietam to Afghanistan

    Phil's background is in law, commercial real estate development and executive search where he is a partner in the firm of Olmstead, Lynch and Kreutz [one syllable, sounds like "crowtz"]. He also teaches courses in real estate and leadership at Georgia State and is a member of their Honorary Real Estate Board. A former distinguished military student in ROTC at Harvard University and 1st Lieutenant in the Army Reserves, he has had a lifelong interest in the military. He is a past Vice Commander of the Military Order of World Wars, a Colonel and Past Commandant in the Old Guard of the Gate City Guard, and a Past President of the Memorial Day Association of Georgia. Military service runs deep in Phil's family as his father was a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy and served in WWII and the Korean Conflict, his great great grandfather was a Captain in the Confederacy serving in combat from Antietam to Appomattox and he is a descendant of William the Conqueror.

    Phil is a graduate of Dartmouth College, Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School and, with his wife Jan, an Associate Broker with Harry Norman Realtors, has lived in Buckhead since 1974.

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    Tuesday April 10, 2018
    Guest Speaker: Alan Bowen

    Topic: The Campaign to the Battle of Kings Mountain

    Alan is a native of the Sandy Springs area of Atlanta and attended Sandy Springs High School, graduating in 1975. He attended Georgia Tech for 2 years, then transferred to the University of Georgia to study Agriculture. He graduated in 1979 with a BS in Animal Science and Economics and has extensive (15 years) of horticultural experience

    He is co-owner of The Bowen Insurance Agency, Farmers Insurance, and Owner of Bowen Development Company with one location in Hickory Flat and another in Cartersville.
    Alan is Past President and Treasurer of the Overmountain Victory Trail Association, and also served on the Board of the Partnership for the National Trails System. He is also Past President of the Georgia Division of Reenactors Association, Past President of the Cartersville Bartow Youth Soccer Association, a former Board Member of the Cartersville/Bartow Chamber of Commerce, and past Elder in the 1st Presbyterian Church of Cartersville.

    Alan is married and has 2 children and 7 grandchildren.

    Tuesday May 8, 2018
    Guest Speaker: Virginia Dilkes

    Topic: Georgia's World War I Legacies ~
    An in depth look at memorials and monuments in Georgia.

    Virginia Dilkes is the daughter of a WWI combat engineer. She earned her doctorate in chemistry from the University of Michigan in 1972. She has applied her research skills to military history as related to her family genealogy.

    A native of Iselin, New Jersey, Virginia is the coeditor of Remembering World War I: An Engineer's Diary of the War (Juliet Publishing, 2014). She was asked by Rutgers University to deliver the 2017 Louis Faugères Bishop Lecture to open their WWI exhibit.

    Virginia serves as a volunteer for the U.S. WWI Centennial Commemoration Commission and is a member of the Advisory Board to the Georgia WWI Centennial Commemoration Commission.

    She has traveled throughout the State of Georgia talking to veteran services organizations and local newspapers about their plans to commemorate WWI. She has attended Memorial Day and Veterans Day services across the state.

    Virginia looks forward to sharing her WWI legacy at the May Mount Vernon meeting.

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    Tuesday June 12th, 2018
    Guest Speaker: Carter J. Wood

    Topic: 'Before the American Revolution'

    BIO: Carter is a Lyman Hall Chapter member and the 2017-2018 President, Georgia SAR Society Northeast Regional VP and editor of the Georgia 'Hornets Nest' Publication.

    The American Revolution was not simply the result of a few well known incidents. The Boston Massacre and 'The Shot Heard Round the World' were the final sparks in over a hundred years of upset and increasing ill will against the Crown.

    This program details just a few events that enraged Patriots over many years and in several areas of the Colonies.

    Tuesday September 11th, 2018
    Guest Speaker: Mary Williams

    Topic: 'Revolutionary War Trivia'

    BIO: Mary is the past President of Georgia Toastmasters. As it turns out, Henry Wadsworth's poem about Paul Revere is not quite true on facts. The lantern in the North Church was not for Paul Revere, and Revere did not make it to Concord! He was captured by the British before he got there.

    58,267 men & women's names are engraved on black granite wall at the Memorial in Washington DC.

    Eight of those names are army nurses.

    To treat the wounded at the 3rd Field Hospital Triage, there were:
    39 combat medics
    42 doctors
    3 voluteers
    Donna was the only RN

    Newspaper article about Donna Rowe's presentation at the Piedmont Chapter.
    Tuesday October 9th, 2018
    Guest Speaker: Donna C. Rowe, Retired US Army Nurse Corps

    Topic: The Vietnam War

    BIO: Donna has served her community in many organizations including: Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, Diabetes Association, CASA (Abused Children), GA Regional Transportation Authority, Atlanta Regional Commission (Environmental Collaborative) , Fannie Mae (Executive Board), various schools' PTSA, GA Vietnam Veterans Alliance (Director), GA Vietnam Business Assoc., Cobb County Republican Women's Club (President 2003), Cobb Assoc. of REALTORS (President 1994), GA Assoc. of REALTORS and the National Assoc. of REALTORS. She was in the US Army Nurse Corps from 1964-1969.

    Donna was recently featured in "The Kathleen Story" segment of the World Film Festival's award winning Vietnam War documentary film: In The Shadow of The Blade - Trailer

    Tuesday November 13th, 2018
    Guest Speaker: Robin Towns

    Topic: 'The Poppy Lady'

    BIO:   Robin is a native Atlantan and went to Druid Hills High School. She studied for a Bachelor of Business Administration at The University of Georgia and is a Cum Laude graduate. She is the widow of Col. Robert Forrest Towns of Athens Georgia, who she was married to for 45 years. They had four children and 1 grandchildren. Her profession now is Genealogy - and is associated with The Colonial Dames of America.

    She is a member and officer of...
  • The National Gavel Society
  • Founders Fellowship
  • Presidential Families of America, President General
  • Descendants of Early Postmasters 1607 - 1900, Founder & Postmaster General
  • Dutch Colonial Society, Past National President
  • National Society Southern Dames of America, Past National President
  • National Society NSSAR Ladies Auxiliary, Past National President & Secretary
  • Georgia Society GASSAR Ladies Auxiliary, Founding President & Past Treasurer
  • Daughters of the American Revolution - Georgia, State Chair, Past State Historian, State Registrar, State Recording Secretary, State Librarian...
  • Daughters of the American Revolution - National,

  • Robin will speak about Moina Belle Michael, born in Georgia August 15, 1869. Moina believes that anything is possible if you do your best and follow through. Throughout her life she relies on her favorite motto:
    "Whatsoever your hands find to do, do it with all your might."

    In 1914, Moina is in Europe when World War I breaks out and she barely escapes. Back home in Georgia, images of war haunt her. Moina promises to remember the soldiers of WWI, so she urges groups to adopt the Flanders Fields Memorial Poppy as a tribute to soldiers who do not return. Because of her persistence, the poppy becomes a universal tribute that supports veterans and their families, and holds the same message, "I remember".

    Moina Belle Michael (1869-1944)

    Tuesday December 11th, 2018
    Guest Speaker: Terry Manning

    Topic: The Making of Santa Claus. What's In A Name?

    BIO:   Terry served as the Georgia State SAR President in 2009, two years as President of the Button Gwinnett chapter, and four years as the Atlanta Chapter President. He lectures on a variety of subjects with about 60 prepared programs, usually in period attire. He has given programs to over 160 individual area organizations.

    Terry has completed genealogy to 32 Revolutionary War patriots and 183 family surnames. He and his wife Ginny of 47 years live in Gwinnett County.

    The Making of Santa Claus: 1773 to 2013
    Presentation Highlights
    1. In 1773, probably referring to a well known 17th century Delaware Indian and referring to him as “St. a Claus.”
    2. In 1776, St. Nicholas was a traditional gift bearer among the Dutch who were prominent in settling New York. Regarded as a well dressed, affluent religious figure.
    3. Around 1812, the lower classes did not always have reason to celebrate Christmas and he changed from a religious figure to a gift giving, benevolent character purposely associated with the celebration of Christmas, someone who gave to those less fortunate.
    4. In 1821, William Gilley wrote the poem, "A Children’s Friend," which is the first mention of a (1) reindeer.
    5. In 1823, Clement C. Moore composed the poem, "Twas the Night before Christmas" with an 8 reindeer team.
    6. 1820's - Elf size Santa became a jolly short pipe smoker... a man of the people. Elves were introduced.
    7. 1841 - Santa became bigger.
    8. 1863 - Santa wore red clothing.
    9. In 1890 - The first store Santa with Mrs. Claus
    10. Chicago 1939 - Santa's trusted sidekick Rudolph appears and Gene Aurty sings "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"

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